Dr. Paul Winterton, MD and Orthopedic Surgeon endorses essential oils for healthcare

Here is some amazing information from Allyse Sedivy’s call with Dr. Paul Winterton. The oils are no longer an alternative, they are medicine well and truly and should be our first port of call when our health heads south. Thank you to Riki Evans for transcribing the call.

Dr. Paul Winterton, MD and Orthopedic Surgeon endorses essential oils for healthcare.

“Despite all of the incredible advances in medicine, the healthcare system is not sustainable.  It’s flawed, and we know this.  Of everything I’ve researched that could positively change and even revolutionize the system, something that could be put in the hands of individuals to take responsibility of their own healthcare,  I’ve never seen anything as powerful and as viable as therapeutic grade essential oils.

My hope is that within the next ten years, everyone will have, next their Tylenol and their Ibuprofen and their anti-hypertension medications – essential oils, aromatic compounds that have been proven in current literature here in the United States to be very effective.  Patients can empower themselves to complement the care that we provide in Western Medicine with these aromatic compounds.”

May 23, 2012

Dr. Winterton states that he has quite a lot of passion about the clinical application of essential oils particularly with regard to musculoskeletal medicine. He’s preparing to meet with a huge constituency of physical therapists.  They belong to the Mountain Land Physical Therapy group which covers four states in the Intermountain West.  There are 350 inpatient Physical Therapists and 100 outpatient Physical Therapists.

He will be meeting with them regarding ways to integrate essential oils, particularly the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of essential oils in their practice.  He’ll be featuring Deep Blue with them.  They’ll be applying Deep Blue topically both from the bottle, the pure Deep Blue, as well as the Deep Blue Rub.  They’ll be applying an Iontrophoresis device which has a positive and negative electrode attached to pads with Deep Blue in them, and those electrodes push the constituents of Deep Blue deeper into the skin to penetrate.  They’ll also be sent home with this material and product.  There’s another exciting device that’s being used more and more in musculoskeletal medicine that applies sequential compression to decrease the edema.  Many properties of the essential oils have been touted to have anti-edemal or decrease swelling of patients.  These devices will be applied over the extremities either the ankle post-surgery, or knee post-ACL reconstruction, or shoulder, and these devices inflate for half hour.  There’s data coming out of Rugters University how this type of compression can increase the penetration of these oils into the skin so he’ll be getting together and starting a very important, empirical, as well as hopeful clinical study with these Physical Therapists regarding the application of Deep Blue, also OnGuard, our anti-viral anti-bacterial oil, as well as Melaleuca.

He’s been using Melaleuca in his office; his great passion about all of this involves the anti-microbial anti-infectious disease properties of essential oils.

Dr. Winterton gives his patients Melaleuca.  One patient recently is having a total knee replacement surgery in a week, he sent him home with some Melaleuca, as he had some early signs of perhaps a super-imposed staph infection on a fungus of his toe and you just don’t want those types of things happening in the body, that’s of great concern.

In preparation for his talk and his collaboration with the Physical Therapists I have five articles, very scientific articles; many of the readers may have scientific friends and physician friends that are a little skeptical.  Three of the five articles are review articles, the earliest was 2007 and the latest was 2010, mostly focusing on the anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-infectious disease properties of essential oils.  Also he’s got an article that was published in 2012 by the most prestigious Anesthesia Journal “Anesthesia and Analgesia”.  It was sent to him by Dr. James Gieger, he had a nice lunch with him down in Mesa, AZ, he is an excellent, accomplished anesthesiologist who is also certified in Aromatherapy and after their lunch he signed his book that he recently wrote and also gave him a copy the recent Journal article on the use of Peppermint and Ginger spritzers, or just Peppermint and Ginger, periodically to decrease nausea.  All of Dr. Winterton’s patients get that pre-operatively and post-operatively in Physical Therapy.  The Physical Therapists are also going to be getting protocols on the use of Ginger and Peppermint.


Aromatherapy as Treatment for Nausea:


Biological Effects of Essential Oils:


Biological Properties of Essential Oils:


The Effects of Farnesol on Staphylococcus aureus Biofilms and Osteoblasts:


He is spending some time in Japan, he’s been in consultation with an Orthopedic Surgeon there and will be meeting at hospitals and with other Orthopedic Surgeons and medical staff the end of July.

His colleagues in Australia are putting Melaleuca in their bone cement to manage peri-operative infection in bone, as well as knee and hip replacements.

One other study, there is kind of an interesting principle that the readers should know, and it’s a little concerning.  What we’ve had in the past is a lot of general information, a lot of empirical, observational data and testimonial data about essential oils.  Now that science has entered it what scientists are trying to do, (he’s afraid it might be driven by some of the pharmaceutical companies), they are trying to pick out the little tiny molecular constituents of essential oils that they think do most of the work on a cellular level, and he’s afraid what is happening is there are Scientific Journals that are coming out featuring the constituents and studies on the separate constituents of the oils rather than the whole oil.  We’re all acquainted with the synergy of using a whole oil that if you treat bacteria with the whole oil you’re going to attack bacterial growth at many levels, the nucleus, the cell membrane, and that’s a concern to him that they might start picking out just a single molecule to again adulterate the value of essential oils to just their constituents.  And this is an interesting battle.

A constituent of citrus oil is called Farnesol, it’s an aromatic compound that is known to be highly anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal.  In the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery there was a recent article about its affects on the production of Biofilm with bacteria as they glom on to the metal and plastic of total joints.

He met last week with the Orthopedic Development Company in Salt Lake City and talked to Zimmer International out of Indiana about the possibility of integrating essential oils in the high density polyethylene plastic with hopes that essential oils could be used to allude their anti microbial properties after the implant is placed in the knee to keep knee and the hip from getting infected.

Rob Pappa’s is touted by doTERRA as perhaps the single most important factor in establishing credibility of this particular product out of Orem.  doTERRA has utilized his expertise to clarify the purity and potency and the consistency of the constituents in our product.  And for those in the Western Medical world, we have to be very careful as we tout this product, and Rob is going to be a huge figure, if not already, in making sure and maintaining the credibility of doTERRA.

He has come up with a tear sheet that talks more about Musculoskeletal issues.  It’s a two sided sheet, on the front it has a brief introduction to oils, what they are, how they are procured, a discussion about the importance of pure therapeutic grade, a picture of him in his scrubs and his credentials, and the particular oils that he would recommend, particularly the oils regarding musculoskeletal health, and  sports medicine health.

He met someone (couldn’t catch the name – Krissy M?, an athletic trainer out of Colorado ) at Rocky Mountain Athletic Trainers Association convention, she and her colleagues are doing some good work in elucidating a collection of sports related/athletics related, anti-inflammatory related essential oils.

Highly recommends the book Dr. James Geiger wrote, “The Sweet Smell of Success”, it’s an excellent resource regarding the clinical application of essential oils.

Back to the tear sheets, he thinks this will be a nice for all of us to bridge the gap from your typical lay public presentation of essential oils to perhaps a more scientific level, and use the five articles.

If you do have some friends and colleagues that are interested in the scientific, randomized trials of humans, in vitro studies, those will be great.

On the back of the tear sheet, will be a kind of different business model.  The approach he is taking to any professional clinical organization is to offer them the business plan where they can basically procure the oils for their offices to serve their patients as well if their patients are interested in buying them from them.

He thinks you have to be careful when you present the business end to clinicians, of course there’s always the concern about network marketing to hospitals and clinics, but if you do it in a good way, an appropriate way, and a professional way, we will be able to get these in the hands of our health care professionals and that’s really what we want to do.  As soon as we can start getting empirical as well as clinical data from our clinical specialists that will really be a nice hurdle to achieve.

Some of the oils he is recommending to people in the medical profession:  for an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory – all of the constituents of Deep Blue, all of the oils in that blend, particularly Helichrysum attacks the inflammatory cascade at multiple sides, it’s becoming the “Rock Star” of anti-inflammatoids.  Also, do not underestimate the value of discussing the anti-oxidant properties.  We talked about scavenging free radicals and anti-oxidants, there’s a lot of data coming out from very important institutions, for instance, The Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic that perhaps we’ve been on the wrong track with coronary artery disease regarding cholesterol that indeed it may not be the cholesterol or the certain floating elements in our blood that cause problems with heart disease, it’s actually inflammation and oxidative things that are going on in our body that damage the lining of our arteries and then those damages to our arteries then attract cholesterol.  So the anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils are great.  He would tout Deep Blue and all of the constituents in there particularly Helichrysum.  Secondly, OnGuard, do not underestimate the power of those constituents, we now have hard core, basic science that know exactly where OnGuard stops the production of the protein of virus as well as where it attacks bacteria.

Finally, please start using Peppermint and Ginger spritzers or just drops in the palm of the hands and cup them over the mouths of your patients, family members, friends who are struggling with nausea, perhaps peri-partum nausea, it is extremely effectatious.

Finally, Melaleuca – I cannot over emphasize the importance of using Melaleuca out in the population, it is extremely powerful.  Just throw away all your Neosporin and start using Melaleuca for everything from inflamed, infected pimples to cuts, and sores.

Those would be the main touts and that’s just because of his own clinical experience.  He is still in his infancy in understanding all of the other oils that we provide so well so those would be his starting recommendations.

http://www.myoilbusiness.com Dr. Paul Winterton’s tear sheet is available, brings credibility to presentations to have his credentials there.

Also, all of us should be looking at Dr. James Geiger’s work, the expertise and background is great.

Allyse is trying to get him on the call soon; he’s had this passion for five or six years.

Allyse:  Use the tear sheet, hand to person you are talking to and tell them “this is by Dr. Paul Winterton and here’s some things he’s recommending in his own clinic he is using”.

Transcribed by Riki Evans May 2012.


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